Cyber Physical Systems: From Theory to Practice

Cyber Physical Systems: From Theory to Practice


Georgia Southern University faculty member Danda B. Rawat co-authored Cyber Physical Systems: From Theory to Practice alongside non-faculty members Joel Rodriques and Ivan Stojmenovic.



Book Summary: Although comprehensive knowledge of cyber-physical systems (CPS) is becoming a must for researchers, practitioners, system designers, policy makers, system managers, and administrators, there has been a need for a comprehensive and up-to-date source of research and information on cyber-physical systems. This book fills that need.

Cyber-Physical Systems: From Theory to Practice provides state-of-the-art research results and reports on emerging trends related to the science, technology, and engineering of CPS, including system architecture, development, modeling, simulation, security, privacy, trust, and energy efficiency. It presents the research results of esteemed professionals on cutting-edge advances in cyber-physical systems that include communications, computing, and control.

The book consists of eight sections, each containing chapters contributed by leading experts in the field. Each section covers a different area that impacts the design, modeling, and evaluation of CPS, including:

    • Control systems
    • Modeling and design
    • Communications and signal processing
    • Mobility issues
    • Architecture
    • Security issues
    • Sensors and applications
    • Computing issues

The book’s coverage includes cyber-physical system architecture, mobile cyber-physical systems, cyber-physical systems for intelligent (road/air) transportation, and cyber-physical system applications and standardization.

With the CPS field advancing so rapidly, this book is an ideal reference to help researchers, system designers, and practitioners manufacture devices that are compatible with CPS standards. Presenting numerous examples that illustrate practical applications derived from theory, the book is also suitable for use as a textbook in upper undergraduate and graduate-level university courses.

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CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group


Boca Raton

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Cyber Physical Systems: From Theory to Practice
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