Fostering Interdisciplinary Connections for SoTL

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Presented at SoTL Commons Conference

Panelists will describe an interdisciplinary Faculty Learning Community on SoTL that began in 2006. This discussion will include the initial objectives of the group, the goals accomplished, the avenues uncovered and pursued for SoTL projects, the barriers encountered, and future directions for SoTL at the university, particularly as they relate to Evidence-Based Decision Making. Attendees will learn 1) What a Faculty Learning Community on SoTL can accomplish, 2) Directions for individual and interdisciplinary SoTL projects, 3) Common barriers or issues with SoTL projects in general and interdisciplinary projects specifically, and 4) How to work within an institutional structure to accomplish interdisciplinary SoTL projects in the future. This will be an interactive session that will focus on engaging participants in meaningful tasks authentic to each one's discipline.


SoTL Commons Conference


Statesboro, GA