Building Self-efficacy in Apparel: Service Learning Through Garment Alterations

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The purpose of this research study is to assess student-learning outcomes from a service-learning component in the form of alterations and mending services offered to the university community. The study is unique in its approach, as no other literature exists in the field of Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design (FMAD). As such, it will contribute greatly to Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. The study is targeting 23 FMAD students enrolled in the Apparel II - Advanced Construction course during the Fall 2015 semester. Students are required to log a minimum of 5 shifts in the FMAD Stitch Shop and complete an activity log at the end of each shift - indicating alteration/mending actions, client interaction experiences, and data/business management procedures. The mid-term and final exams include open-ended Learning Growth reflection prompts for students to detail their learning in relation to real-world application, collaboration and interaction, and enhancement in course content. An additional pre and post-service learning survey are administered to student participants that are cross-referenced with client surveys to measure skill competency and confidence.

This study is ongoing and data collection will end in December 2015. The poster will present the results and discuss teaching implications with the audience.

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This presentation was given as a part of the SoTL Commons Conference held on March 29-31, 2017.


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