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  • COBA’s New Vision and Structure
  • Georgia Southern’s First Ph.D. Class
  • A message from Dean Shiffler
  • Day for Southern Record
  • Hupman Scholar
  • 2011 Scholarship Recipients
  • SOA’s 16th Annual EIR
  • Fraud and Forensic Education Conference
  • Southern Bass Anglers
  • Fraud and Forensic Education Conference
  • Spotlight on graduate studies
  • Alumni in the spotlight
  • Faces oCOBA Welcomes New Facultyf homecoming 2011
  • Wells and Randall New Administrators
  • Special Agent Vic Hartman, Atlanta FBI, Guest speaker
  • Logistics Career Fair
  • SED Welcomes Visiting Scholar
  • Center for Entrepreneurship Events
  • Governor Appoints Deal
  • City Campus Wins Award
  • Thank You 2011 Eagle Executive Society Members!
  • Norman Fries Distinguished Lecture
  • Ph.D.’s
  • Forensic Lecturers
  • Alumniville
  • Burns Named President of Gordon College
  • “Godfather of Real Estate” Passes Away
  • COBA Advisory Councils’ Fall Meetings
  • Fall 2011 — by the Numbers

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Fall 2011

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