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  • Thank You, Dean Shiffler
  • Lockwood State’s Outstanding Accounting Educator
  • A Message from Dean Shiffler
  • Price Becomes ABET’s Computing Accreditation Commission Chair
  • COBAns Attend National Advising Conference
  • Hickman Is Beta Gamma Sigma Honoree
  • Groom Inaugural Carter Lecturer
  • 22nd Annual Accounting Day Celebrated
  • Spotlight on Graduate Studies
  • Alumni in the Spotlight
  • 2012 Awards of Excellence
  • Thank you to our many supporters
  • Dean’s Citations for Student Engagement
  • Alumniville
  • In Memoriam — Ardian Greca
  • The PKF Consulting Visit
  • Center for Excellence in Financial Services
  • Belk Partnership
  • “Why Good People Make Bad Decisions”

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Spring 2012

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Georgia Southern University, College of Business, COBA, Ronald Shiffler, Rudolph Giuliani, M. Jill Lockwood, Outstanding Accounting Educator, Lewis Stewart, Forensic Fraud Symposium, Finance and Quantitative Analysis, Jerry Burke, Barbara Price, Information Systems, Cheryl Aasheim, Tom Case, Mallory Mitchell, Management, Marketing and Logistics, Nick DeBonis, Jan Grimes, Lindsay Larson, Bruce Levine, Scott Webb, Kathleen Gruben, Brent McFall, Rachel Oxford, Matthew Royal, Rachel Wakefield, Nicole Wanco, Ashley White, Wes Perry, J. J. Cavanaugh, Karl Manrodt, Donnie Williams, Stephanie Thomas, Phil Cobb, School of Accountancy, Lisa Wood, William Dixon, Bob Jackson, Bill Donaldson, Stephanie Sipe, Mike Chambers, Timothy Gauthier, School of Economic Development, Ana Isabel Grijalva Diaz, ABET Accreditation, Donna Orme, National Advising Conference, Billy Hickman, Beta Gamma Sigma, Carter Lecturere, Alyssa Groom, Accounting Day, Christopher Cherneck, Cate Cassotta, Nichols Cawley and Associaties, Andrea Mok, Tiffany White, Colline Phillips, Lindsey Bickmore, Mary Kathryn Mason, Delaney Tuggle, David Helton, Branki Phillips, Wayne Yesbick, Rachel Neely, Amry Stanley, Dustin Thornton, Shannon Brownlee, Jeffreky Hupman, Allison Jansen, Mark Fletcher, Forensic Accounting Board, Master of Science in Applied Economics, Freeman Lecturer, William Pittman, WebMBA, Nichole Krieger, Andreas Zangemeister, Patrick O’Connell, Paolo Ambrosini, William A. Freeman Professor of the Year, J. Lowell Mooney, CIT Award for Excellence in Teaching, Cheryl L. Aasheim, Martin NeSmith Faculty Award for Distinguished Service, Bob Hoell, Rutherford Award for Excellence in Teaching and Service in the MBA, Ednilson Bernardes, CIT Award for Outstanding Research, Aimao Zhang, W.A. and Emma Lou Crider Award for Excellence in Teaching, Feruzan Irani Williams, CIT Award for Distinguished Service, Hyo-Joo Han, CIT Award for Outstanding Research, The Bank of America Faculty Award, Gregory Brock, T. J. Morris Jr. Faculty Award for Excellence in Research, Rod Thomas, Charles R. Gibbs Faculty Award, Michael Thomas, M. Albert Burke Faculty Award, John Hatem, Brown and Williamson Faculty Award, Karen Hamilton, Ron and Barbara Shiffler Instructor Award, Gloria Stuart, Tomlinson and Bond Families Staff Award for Excellence, Jeanette Hadden, J. Daniel Speight Banking Excellence Award, Edward H. Sibbald, Sonny Butler CIT Award of Excellence, Christopher A. Kadlec, Eagle Executive Society Faculty Award, Linda Mullen, CIT Staff Award for Excellence, Linda Carwell, Olivia Suggs Flanagan Fellowship for Outstanding Teaching or Service, Charles Harter, Dean’s Citations for Student Engagement, Wei Wu, Adrian Gardiner, Linday Larson, Alan Mackelprang, Timur Mirzoev, Ardian Greca, Abbie Gail Parham, Yaseen Alhaj-Yaseen


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