Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, Volume 7, Number 3

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A Message from the Editors - Laurie Richlin & Milton D. Cox

Changing Methods and Metaphors: A Case Study of Growth in University Teaching - Cheryl Amundsen, Alenoush Saroyan, & Myron Frankman

Professors' Assumptions About Students' Critical Thinking Dispositions and Epistemological Beliefs - Geoffrey Scheurman

Student Ratings of 10 Strategies for Using Humor in College Teaching - Ronald A. Berk

Abandoning the Lecture in Biology - Robert C. Evans & Nancy Omaha Boy

Strategies for Enhancing Teaching and Learning in an Undergraduate Course - Bruce W. Tuckman

A Team-Based Approach to Problem-Based Learning: An Evaluation of Structured Team Problem Solving - Michael Peterson

White Males Teaching for Diversity: How and Why - Robert M. Schaible & Paul Burlin

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