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Fall 8-1-2018

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This course emphasizes data management and software applications using the SAS (Statistical Analysis System) software package. It will introduce the student to SAS codes for: inputting and outputting data, creating temporary and permanent data sets, creating formatted and labeled SAS data sets, merging and connecting SAS data sets, creating output using the TABULATE and REPORT procedures, debugging a SAS program that includes the TABULATE, REPORT and SQL procedures, using character functions in SAS, using a random number generator, probability distributions, arrays, and date and time functions. Students will also write a simple and complex query using the SQL procedure; create, populate and modify a set of tables/views using the SQL procedure; and create a SAS program which includes one or more macros. This course will cover basic relational database design and descriptive statistics in SAS. Particular focus is placed on applications pertaining to public health and biomedical research.

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