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Spring 2015

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This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to and overview of the key areas of environmental health. Using the perspectives of the population and community, the course will cover factors associated with the development of environmental health problems. Students will gain an understanding of the interaction of individuals and communities with the environment, the potential impact on health of environmental agents, and specific applications of concepts of environmental health. The course will consist of a series of lectures and activities which will cover principles derived from core environmental health disciplines. The sequence of major topics begins with background material and “tools of the trade” (environmental epidemiology, environmental toxicology, and environmental policy and regulation). The course then covers specific agents of environmental diseases (e.g., microbial agents, ionizing and nonionizing radiation). Finally, applications and domains of environmental health are addressed (e.g., water and air quality, food safety, waste disposal, occupational health, and injuries).

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Public Health Commons