Service Level Guarantee for Mobile Application Offloading in Presence of Wireless Channel Errors

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Contribution to Book

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Proceedings of the Global Communications Conference






Mobile cloud computing is increasingly being used in recent times to offload parts of an application to the cloud to reduce its finish time. However, quality of offloading decisions depend on network conditions and hence many offloading solutions assume that MAC layer retransmissions will tackle transient frame errors. This can lead to suboptimal solutions, as well as, degrade service level guarantee of reducing finish time compared to execution without offloading. In this work, we propose an error-aware solution that uses run-time channel conditions to adapt the offloading decisions. We guarantee that given a failure rate bound (ϵ), offloading decisions will achieve application execution in less time than that of local execution with a probability of (1-ϵ) while operating in networks with unpredictable error characteristics. Simulation results show that at channel error rate of 20%, our heuristic provides 90% guarantee of better performance than on-device computation and reduces the mean finish time by 18% compared to execution without any offloading.