Programming the Mind and Decrypting the Universe - A Bipolar Quantum-Neuro-Fuzzy Associative Memory Model for Quantum Cognition and Quantum Intelligence

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Neural Networks


Extending a geometrical and logical unification of mind, light, and matter, a Quantum-Neuro-Fuzzy Associative Memory (QNFAM) model is proposed for equilibrium-based Quantum Cognition and Quantum Intelligence (QC&QI). It is argued that the brain is neither an electric power machine nor a digital computer, but a dynamic equilibrium of neuron ensembles of bipolar quantum agents. Thus, neuronal electrical signals are inadequate for QC&QI due their incurred loss of dynamic equilibrium information. On the other hand, it is pointed out that the illogical aspect of quantum mechanics prevents quantum computing from lending itself as an analytical paradigm for equilibrium-based QC&QI. QNFAM is proposed to bridge the gap. Equilibrium and nonequilibrium conditions of QNFAM are identified and axiomatically proved. It is illustrated that QNFAM leads to QC&QI – an equilibrium-based super symmetrical and analytical unification of logical, physical, biological, social, and mental systems for Programming the Mind and Decrypting the Universe.