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Fractal Geometry and Nonlinear Analysis in Medicine and Biology




Bipolar quantum agent (BQA), bipolar quantum geometry (BQG) and bipolar dynamic logic (BDL) are introduced based on bipolar complementarity – a logical extension to Niels Bohr’s particle-wave YinYang duality principle. Complete geometrical background independence is proposed and BQG is proven completely background independent which leads to the notion of bipolar quantum superposition – an equilibrium-based logical approach to superposition. It is shown that the logical linearity of BDL can be unified with the physical nonlinearity of bipolar dynamic equilibrium. It is proven that a single polarized photon as a BQA can be logically channeled through the three polarizers in Dirac’s experiment with BDL regardless of quantum uncertainty. It is illustrated that BQG, BDL and bipolar probability adds analytical power to quantum mechanics. It is concluded that bipolar quantum superposition demystifies Schrödinger’s cat paradox from a weird quantum phenomenon to a logically comprehendible YinYang bipolar dynamic equilibrium interpretation of quantum superposition and leads to an analytical paradigm of quantum mechanics and quantum biology as presented in Part II of this work.


Article obtained from Fractal Geometry and Nonlinear Analysis in Medicine and Biology. 10.15761/FGNAMB.1000112