A Scientific Decoding of YinYang 1-2-4-8-64 for Equilibrium-Based Granular Computing

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IEEE International Conference on Granular Computing




2600 years ago, YinYang was born in the ancient China with the theme "Taiji (one matter) produces YinYang; YinYang produces four forms; the four forms lead to eight diagrams; and the eight diagrams can have 64 direct combinations." This theme can be called YinYang 1-2-4-8-64. An equilibrium-based scientific decoding of YinYangl-2-4-8-64 is presented which states "Equilibrium (the one matter) has two poles (YinYang); the two poles can be mapped to a bipolar lattice with four bipolar truth values (four forms); the four values lead to eight bipolar dynamic operators (eight diagrams); and the eight operators can have 64=82 direct biological or neurobiological or any dynamic combinations. " The scientific decoding results in a bipolar dynamic logic (BDL) that satisfies four pairs of dual dynamic DeMorgan's laws and a YinYang bipolar universal modus ponens. Bipolar granular neurobiological computing with BDL is introduced.