A Hybrid Approach, Smart Street Use Case and Future Aspects for Internet of Things in Smart Cities

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Future Generation Computer Systems






Internet of Things (IoT) has led to the development of smart projects by connecting heterogeneous devices and has accelerated the global growth by providing digital services to the users. The Smart City Project is very complex concept and has many hurdles in its way and many of the hurdles (Digitization services) can easily be solved by IoT. Urban IoT, is designed to support the future vision of smart cities which supported the new hybrid technologies and provide the value added services to the citizens. In this Urban IoT framework the first layer is Data Layer. In Data layer, sensor platform uses the optimized AODV-SPEED protocol (Hybrid Approach), proposed in this paper. Hybrid approach has shown improvement over delay, energy, miss ratio of the packet transmission and packet delivery rate over traditional SPEED protocol which is suitable for IoT applications. This article also identifies the framework, challenges and trends of Smart city IoT and use case for the smart street highlights the importance of proposed structure. Furthermore, Smart City projects are discussed to recognize the importance of IoT in smart cities and its future.