Quality of Life Perceptions Among Rural Haitians: The Effects of Democratization

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The purpose of this study was to ascertain the levels of literacy among Haitian citizens and to understand their perceptions concerning the importance and availability of literacy programs and democratic process training. Since democratic process, education, and access to information are intrinsically linked, the intent of the authors of this paper was to explore the connection of education, health, and the quality of life in the democratization process in Haiti. The results of this study found continued low literacy rates, little access to education and political information, and people proclaiming that their quality of life is worse that it has ever been and expressing little to no hope for the future. The implications and recommendations extrapolated from the findings of this study are significant for literacy and health education movements, politicians in power in Haiti, and those federal and private agencies seeking to aid this country. The challenge to helpers is the establishment of a systematic infusion of the democratic process, initiated by the assurance of education, literacy and truthful information dissemination.


America's Council First Annual Spring Conference


Savannah, GA

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