Prostate Cancer Education in African American Barbershops: Baseline Client Survey Results and Differences in Decisional Conflict and Stage of Decision Making

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American Journal of Men’s Health




There have been very few studies to rigorously evaluate the potential of African American barbers to educate men about prostate cancer in the barbershop setting. This research brief presents baseline data from a cross-sectional survey identifying differences in decisional conflict and stage of decision making by screening status from an efficacy trial to educate African American men about informed decision making for prostate cancer screening. Those men who had already received the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test were more advanced in their stage of decision making and had less decisional conflict about the PSA test than those men who had never received a PSA test. Educational interventions to increase informed decision making with prostate cancer screening must consider previous PSA test history as a mediating variable affecting decision self-efficacy.