Childhood Asthma in Georgia: Comparison against the Nation

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Contribution to Book

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Public Health Yearbook 2013




Georgia Southern University faculty members Hani Samawi, James H. Stephens, Gerald R. Ledlow, and Ren Chunfeng co-authored "Childhood Asthma in Georgia: Comparison against the Nation" in Public Health Yearbook 2013.

Book Summary: In this Public Health Yearbook 2013 we will touch upon several public health topics like community capacity building, global health and health promotion.

If where we live impacts our health, then we need to start improving the health of communities at the local level. For sustainability purposes, we need to help these communities build their capacity to address the episodic, as well as the persistent, public health issues that affect their health. How do we do that? How do we learn the skills and principles necessary to establish partnerships with our communities? How do we then teach our community partners to continue to improve the health status of their neighborhoods when the funding expires? How to we conduct health promotion and does it really help and increase health and quality of life?

In this Public Health Yearbook 2013 we explore this in greater detail and hopefully will answer some of your questions.