Response to Comments by Pablo Martínez-Camblor on “Notes on Overlap Measure as an Alternative to Youden Index: How Are They Related?”

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Statistics in Medicine






We enjoyed reading comments made by Pablo Martínez‐Camblor on our recently published paper “Notes on Overlap Measure as an Alternative to Youden Index: How are they related?” We think that the author has misinterpreted the title and the main focus of our paper. The main focus of this paper is on the relation and comparison of the overlap measure (OVL) to the Youden index. We must say the author missed the most important point in the title and in the entire paper that we focused on “How are they related.” In addition, we understand that OVL is not a new measure; however, in our paper, we proved its link to Youden index, which is new. Therefore, we did not include all literatures but only a few most relevant papers regarding the OVL and its application in medical diagnostics. Again, the focus of our paper is on the relation between OVL and Youden index but not proposing OVL as a new measure.