The Inverse Weibull Distribution as a Failure Model Under Various Loss Functions and Based on Progressive First-Failure Censored Data

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Quality Technology & Quantitative Management


In this article we consider statistical inferences about the unknown parameters of the inverse Weibull distribution based on progressively first-failure censoring using Bayesian procedures. The Bayes estimators are obtained based on both the symmetric and asymmetric (Linex, General Entropy and Precautionary) loss functions. There are no explicit forms for the Bayes estimators; therefore, we propose the Lindley’s approximation method to compute the Bayes estimators. A comparison between these estimators and the maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) is provided by using extensive simulation and two criteria, namely, the bias and the mean squared error. It is concluded that the approximate Bayes estimators outperform the MLEs most of the time. Real life data example is provided to illustrate our proposed estimators.