Diverse, equitable, and inclusive scientific societies: Progress and opportunities in the Society for Freshwater Science

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Freshwater Science






Discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusivity are becoming increasingly common in scientific societies. However, more concerted efforts are needed to recognize and challenge systemic discrimination to ensure scientists from marginalized groups can contribute to and benefit from scientific societies. Here, we evaluate efforts and opportunities within the Society for Freshwater Science (SFS) as examples for how scientific societies can make progress toward diversity, equity, and inclusivity. In 2017, SFS collected anonymous demographic information and open-ended feedback from SFS members through an online survey. We combined this information with 2 examples of recent initiatives and challenges that occurred within SFS. We present a guide for SFS and other scientific societies toward creating a more welcoming and equitable space for all scientists. To prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusivity, scientific societies must center the voices of marginalized and underrepresented people in all scientific society activities, including within groups of all sizes and at all society events. These actions will allow scientific societies to better represent and engage with their current and future members and the broader communities those members serve.


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