Student-Led Planning and Implementation of Peer Education: Campus Health Promotion Fair

Sara Plaspohl, Georgia Southern University
Nandi Marshall, Georgia Southern University
TimMarie Williams, Georgia Southern University
McKinley McKinley Thomas, Georgia Southern University
Dziyana Nazaruk, Georgia Southern University

Abstract or Description

The primary objective of this presentation is to profile and assess an educational intervention activity conducted by Master of Public Health (MPH) students at a public university within the USG system. This activity is designed to promote individual-level knowledge and practices among college students, based on the Action Model advocated in Healthy Campus 2020 (HC2020) for an ecological approach to address and improve determinants of student health. The student-driven activity, fulfilling a major graduate course requirement, utilized HC2020 topics as the framework to plan and implement a campus health fair targeting student peers. Outcomes assessment included process feedback from the graduate students and knowledge acquisition feedback from health fair attendees. This session will be of interest to all educators interested in learning about participatory student engagement activity to promote healthy behavior choices among campus peers.