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Conference Proceeding

Publication Date

Spring 2023


Digital Content Marketing (DCM) has become a primary tool for marketers in driving lead generation in today’s digital marketing world. Leading brands are creating and curating content in order to develop brand equity, connecting content to brand story and narrative. And while strong theoretical models of content marketing have been discussed in the marketing literature, like Hollebeek and Macky (2019), there is a dearth of understanding about the application and direct impact of organic digital content strategies on marketing directives. This paper investigates an applied model, called The Digital Engine, which provides instruction on proper digital content marketing instruction and then measures the impact of this instruction through a live 8-week campaign across 221 active websites. Results indicate that the Digital Engine instruction not only provides applicable understanding but that the applied methodology provides significant impact in driving users through various methods of brand acquisition and retention through to the website where created and curated content lead website users to complete call-to-action forms. Most importantly, completion of these online forms produces serviceable leads to the sales team, whereby supporting the overarching aim of all DCM strategies, lead generation.