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Conference Proceeding

Publication Date

Spring 3-6-2023


This study empirically tests the relationship between tacit knowledge management inclination, internal explicit marketing agendas and external explicit marketing agendas and how they act together to enhance business outcomes. This was done to fill in the gap in the body of knowledge on the dearth of empirical research on tacit knowledge management inclination and marketing orientation. Using the quantitative research method and purposive sampling technique, data were collected from 89 respondents with significant business and marketing experience through a well-structured questionnaire with closed-ended questions. Employing regression analysis, the hypotheses were tested, and the finding highlighted that tacit knowledge management inclination positively affects external explicit marketing and internal explicit marketing agendas. At the same time, the result obtained from the interaction of the three constructs shows that they all have a positive effect on business success. In practice, Firms can operationalise and implement tacit knowledge management activities with existing explicit marketing programs to attain business success.