Association of Marketing Theory and Practice Proceedings 2020


Content Analysis of Top Cosmetic Brands Activities on Instagram

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Social Media/ Internet/ Mobile/ Direct Marketing

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Instagram has become a very popular and strong social media marketing tool and has been used widely by many brands. Instagram, as a visual based social media with the majority of its users being young female, has provided a perfect match for cosmetic brands, which also target young female and is highly dependent on visual appeals. As Instagram becoming more popular, cosmetic industry growing fast and dedicate larger budget portion to Instagram activities, it is very important to understand the content that is being shared by these popular cosmetic brands. The current study analyzes 947 Instagram posts, shared by the top ten most followed beauty brands on Instagram. The results show that influencer marketing is the most common technique among these brands' Instagram activities. Also, these results suggest that affordable brands include more informational content on their Instagram pages, rather than high-end brands. There is no significant correlation between any of the variables with the engagement level of the posts.

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