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With the emergence of sports marketing as an important business discipline, a number of segmentation studies have focused on either the spectator sports market or the participation sports market. Regarding spectator sports, most of the previous studies have focused on individual sports entities such as a team, a league, a sport, or an event. The majority of the segmentation studies on participation sports have also assumed a narrow perspective by developing typologies for a specific activity such as golf. The current research assesses the efforts designed to segment the aggregate spectator sports market irrespective of the sport being watched and the aggregate participation market regardless of the participant’s chosen activity. The results emanating from samples of over 500 spectators and participants documented the existence of many of those segments identified in previous research. It also identified voids. Consequently, a new typology for each of the aggregate markets has been proposed

About the Authors

Sam Fullerton received his PhD in marketing from Michigan State University. He is a professor of marketing at Eastern Michigan University. He has also served as a visiting professor at the University of Michigan, Waikato University (NZ), the University of Southern Queensland (Australia), Queensland University of Technology (Australia), and the Potchefstroome Business School at North-West University (South Africa) where he was awarded the title of Extraordinary Professor. His research focuses on ethics, sports marketing, and marketing education. In recent years, his research has appeared in Sport Marketing Quarterly, the Journal of Applied Marketing Theory, the Journal of Services Marketing, the American Journal of Business Education, and the South African Journal of Business and Economic Sciences. He has also authored books on Sports Marketing, Personal Selling, and Marketing Research.

Tammy McCullough is a professor of Marketing at Eastern Michigan University. Her doctorate was granted by the University of Washington. Her research has appeared in journals including the Journal of Applied Marketing Theory, Health Marketing Quarterly and Research Technology Management. She has also presented at numerous conferences including the Association of Marketing Theory and Practice, the Academy of Business Administration, the Association for Consumer Research, and the Association for Marketing and Health Care Research. She is an avid athlete who cycles, plays organized hockey, has twice run the Boston Marathon and recently completed her third Ironman Triathlon

Carol L. Bruneau is an associate professor of Marketing at the University of Montana. She received her B.S. in Sociology/anthropology and her M.B.A. from Oklahoma State University. She received her Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Arizona. Dr. Bruneau’s research has focused on consumer behavior, specifically concerning how consumers interpret sensorial stimuli. A second research interest is the use of qualitative research methods in understanding consumers. More recently she has begun to teach sports marketing and has developed a research stream that focuses on issues germane to spectator sports

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