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With a growing need for blood and blood products, managers of blood collection agencies are interested in increasing donation rates. A better understanding of how donors are different from the general public might inform decisions on how to promote to make non-donors more like donors. A sample of 74 student blood donors was surveyed at two university blood donor clinics about their attitudes and beliefs about blood donation. A convenience sample of 134 respondents in a university student population was also surveyed for comparison. The latter was later split by level of commitment to blood donation. Differences among these three groups were tested. Applications of these finding are suggested.

About the Authors

Harold Ogden is Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing, Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Kelly Campbell Lefort, Matthew Kerr, Matthew MacLellan, Zachary Briggs were MBA Students at the Sobey School of Business. Kelly Campbell Lefort is currently a consultant at the Saint Mary’s Business Development Center. Zachary Briggs is now with the Province of Nova Scotia.

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