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Over the past 20 years, self-service technology (SST) has become prevalent as a service delivery option. To ensure that SST options reach full potential, firms need to understand what customer traits and situational factors are related to the propensity to use SSTs. From a subset of data and independent determinants from an original dissertation model on SST adoption, this study uses linear regression to examine: H1) the relationship between: H1) consumers’ tech readiness (TR) and the consumer demographics of age (AG), gender (GN), income (IN), education (ED), and ethnicity (ET) (H1), and H2) the relationship between consumer’s tech readiness and the situational factors of wait time (WT) and crowding (CR). The study finds both hypotheses partially supported; the demographic determinants of age, income, education, gender, and ethnicity, and both situational factor determinants of wait time (WT) and crowding (CR), all have one or more significant relationships with some, but not all, tech readiness facets (OPT, INN, DIS, INS). However, none of the determinants independently or in combination explain more than 10% of TR’s’ variance; these demographic and situational variables appear to be relatively weak and somewhat fragmented predictors of consumer tech readiness.

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Dr. Jon M. Martin (“Jon”) received his PhD in Organization & Management from Capella University in August, 2012. Jon hails from Durham, NC but has lived throughout the U.S. and has worked and traveled throughout the world with his career (Germany, Czech Republic, Hong Kong/Kaloom, China, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico). He has 25 years of practitioner experience in operations and management with Fortune 100 and 500 firms but also carries experience in and with regional firms and small business/entrepreneurial ventures. Jon is the principal for ThrivingOrgs, dba, a consulting firm focused on helping professional services and not-for-profit firms to thrive strategically, organizationally, and operationally. He has taught for Mount Olive College’s Tillman School of Business (NC) for five years as an adjunct and full-time faculty and is presently pursuing new opportunities in academia and consulting. He brings practical application and experience as well as a customer-oriented perspective to the classroom and to consulting.

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