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Social Media has grown from an auxiliary chapter in a marketing text to an entire course in the curriculum, an undergraduate major, or a MBA specialty. The controversy now appears to be the extent of the coverage of the Social Media area. The challenge in examining social media’s role in the business curriculum is that there is a lack of empirical research on this subject. The purpose of this panel is to undertake an exploratory review of how social media has been utilized in the business curriculum of participants’ schools in response to the demands of the changing business landscape. This panel seeks to explore the current level of social media integration into the business school curriculum and effective use in pedagogy. We seek to confer with other educators to determine: 1. If a certificate or degree in social media at either the undergraduate or graduate level is currently offered or being considered as a future strategic initiative. 2. The extent of social media implementation into the curriculum and pedagogy? 3. The current status of assessment of the effectiveness of giving students the requisite skills to be successful in the work place and aware of online security? 4. What instruments are used to evaluate a) the effectiveness of the pedagogy or b) ascertain if the students feel it assisted in job placement and increased their confidence in applying social media in the workplace? This panel seeks to determine and share knowledge regarding best practices for incorporating social media into the higher education curriculum.

About the Authors

Pauline Ash Ray received her Doctoral Degree from Trident University, Cypress, California. Pauline is currently an Associate Professor in the Business Division at Thomas University, Thomasville, Georgia. Her dissertation research “Management of Change to Ensure IS Success: A Longitudinal Study” was presented at ICIS2011 in Shanghai, China.

Jenny Swearingen received her Doctoral Degree from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Jenny is Chair of the Business Division at Thomas University, Thomasville, Georgia. Her area of research is in marketing including minority entrepreneurship and women who sail as consumers.

Paul Wilkens received his Doctoral Degree from Ohio State University. Paul is a Professor in management at Thomas University, Thomasville, Georgia.

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