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How Retailers Use Services Marketing Mix To Communicate Information On Sales Receipts

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The traditional marketing mix consists of the 4P's: product, price, promotion and place. McCarthy introduced this marketing concept to marketing education and literature in 1960. Criticized for being more useful to the manufacturing rather than services industry, 4Ps of marketing mix was modified to make relevant to the services industry. Later, Shostack suggested certain modifications to expand the marketing mix to include participants and physical evidence of services in 1977. Kotler provided an elaboration of the marketing mix in 1976, while Booms and Bitner provided a broadened mix for services by adding three more Ps: participants, physical evidence, and process in 1981. This study adopts the 7Ps of services marketing mix and elaborates on how this essential concept is used by retailers in the retailing context. Specifically, it investigates the information that retailers use on sales receipts to communicate with their customers. It groups the information using the 7Ps of services marketing mix, further discusses the content analyzed results of 3,218 receipts from 380 brick-and-mortar retailers, and concludes with avenues for future research.

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