Our School's Campaign for Distinction in Forensic Accounting

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Publication Date

Winter 2008

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Southern Business Review




Over a three year period beginning in 2000, the authors' school experienced pressure on several fronts to make changes in its accounting program. The final event that led to our decision to create a forensic accounting program was the hiring of a new business dean in the Summer of 2002. The new dean began to immediately implement a strategy designed to help the college gain national distinction. Specifically, he encouraged each department to identify a niche area in which a new program or emphasis could be developed that had the potential of achieving national distinction within a decade. The School's strategy to develop a new emphasis involved five steps: 1. identifying the emphasis area (ie, niche), 2. assessing its feasibility and level of stakeholder support, 3. strengthening faculty qualifications, 4. developing the curriculum and related activities, and 5. promoting the emphasis.