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"I am Anna Messick, I am Katherine Urie, we are helpful, and we are Georgia Southern.” Katherine and Anna said they have felt the friendliness on the Georgia Southern Statesboro Campus since they first took tours there as prospective students. The friendly nature of Eagle Nation is what prompted them to help out a rival on game day after 2019’s football matchup against Georgia State.

After the game, an elderly couple in Georgia State attire asked Anna and Katherine for advice on how to get back to their hotel room after the game. The two students decided to forego the advice and helped the couple secure a ride and rode with the couple to make sure they made it safely. “I’ve always felt that friendly vibe here, so it just felt right to do the same thing,” Katherine said.

The couple turned out to be Georgia State head football coach Shawn Elliott’s parents. Elliott then successfully launched a search on social media to find Anna and Katherine in order to thank them for helping his parents. “It definitely was a good ending to the season,” Anna said. “It wasn’t something that we expected to happen with the coach reaching out, but it was a cool experience.”


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