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“I am Jin-Woo Kim, I am a marketing influencer and #IAmGeorgiaSouthern.” Jin-Woo Kim is an advertising and marketing professor at Georgia Southern University in the Parker College of Business, where he takes pride in getting to know his students. It is important to him to learn the names of each student in his classes every semester. He views himself as an educational service provider and views students as customers. Learning their names is part of the positive customer service he strives to provide. “Even though I am a teacher, I learn many good things from my students like positive attitude, well-mannered behavior, integrity, respect and cooperation. I love developing long-term relationships with the students rather than being a one-time teacher.” A native of South Korea, Jin-Woo has become more active and positive during his time at Georgia Southern. In his nearly nine years as a professor here, he’s become the faculty advisor of the Korean club, developed relationships with his colleagues and has gained a more positive outlook by striving to be understanding of others. “What I enjoy most at Georgia Southern is a friendly and encouraging atmosphere all around campus,” he said. “People I meet here are all nice, accessible and kind. This is why I am confident and comfortable in the classroom. I’m so thankful for being a part of Georgia Southern.”


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