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Check out this video for more information on growing microgreens , and email or visit our website to learn how to join the campus garden! Supplies: 1. Berry clam or 2 piece take out containers 2. Soil mix (one with no clay) 3. Seeds (arugula, kale, cabbage, mustard, turnips, and broccoli are all good options) Instructions: 1. Separate container into two parts. If using a takeout container with no holes, poke holes in one piece of container for drainage. 2. Add your soil to the piece with holes (2-4" of soil is best) 3. Scatter LOTS of seeds on top of medium, do not cover 4. Add water to 2nd piece of the container (the one without holes) to bottom water or mist the top of the soil 5. Water daily, can cover with cloth to keep from drying out 6. Harvest in about 2 weeks by cutting your microgreens at soil level


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