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This brief video introduces three exciting workshop opportunities available from the University Libraries. Librarians are happy to schedule one or more of these workshops for your class or student group: Making Data Bearable: Part 1 During this hour-long, hands-on workshop, students explore challenges and best practices related to research data management. Working in groups, students perform a rudimentary data analysis and create figures and tables capturing the correlation between Gummi Bear flavor and "springiness." In the process, students explore different kinds of research data and discuss manipulation, analysis, visualization, reporting, and sharing data for different audiences. This workshop is a precursor to discussing data management planning, especially as it relates to grant funding and publisher requirements. Specific skills covered include creating basic charts in Excel and figures in PowerPoint and Word. Available for F2F or Virtual Delivery. Making Data Bearable: Part 2 During this second hour-long, hands-on workshop, students explore challenges and best practices related to creating shareable datasets. Working in groups, students use their own data or data provided by the librarians to create files, folders, and descriptive metadata for public sharing and archiving. In the process, students explore the importance of data presentation and description, file types and naming conventions, and reuse licensing. Following this workshop, students will be better able to understand and use public datasets, prepare datasets of their own, and understand their copyrights as data creators. Available for F2F or Virtual Delivery. Under the Big Top: Exploring Research Ethics During this hour and thirty minute hands-on activity session, students explore several scenarios involving a possible breach in research ethics. Students work in teams to absorb the scenario and solve clues pertaining to informed consent, IRB and human research requirements, ethical treatment of animals, safety protocols, and publishing rights involving research. In addition, each student team faces their own ethical dilemma that could affect the overall outcome for their group. Great for lab groups or student professional groups such as TriBeta or ACS. Face-to-Face available now with a virtual option available by early March.


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