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Mathematics is a discipline which requires the abilities to think logically and to reason correctly about diverse concepts. Mathematicians must also be able to communicate complex theorems and equations in a thorough, concise way.

As a student in Georgia Southern’s bachelor’s degree program in mathematics, you will learn to solve problems in the areas of calculus, algebra, probability and statistics, but you will also learn how to demonstrate logical argumentation and writing skills.

Armed with these skills, graduates from our mathematics program will enter an exciting job market. which is expected to grow by more than 20 percent by 2024 – much faster than many other job sectors.

With our mathematics degree, each student must choose between taking the third year of a foreign language or taking a course with international content as stipulated in the Sample 4-Year Plans below. Learn more about what you’ll learn from our Mathematics Program Learning Outcomes and from the mathematics degree information below.


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