Since the earliest contact between Sub-Saharan Africans and Europeans, European literature tends to erase African history and civilization. Later, after an unsuccessful erasure, colonial literature denigrates it as primitive. Using the “identity card” as a motif in his novel, Jean-Marie Adiaffi exposes the defects of European colonization in its African colonies. Through an approach of allegorical initiation symbolism, Addiaffi revalorizes his culture, tradition, and identity all denied by colonial rule.

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Currently a doctoral candidate in Francophone Studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Theodore Akohoue writes his dissertation, “La quête identitaire dans le roman et le cinéma de l’Afrique francophone,” dealing with cultural identity in traditional Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa. He plans to have his Ph. D. in Fall 2012.

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