This work explores the possibility of translating culture-laden texts from English into Arabic, relying on a corpus of literary texts representing the local cultures of the 16th. and the 18th. century England. Furthermore, it taps into the applicability of SL cultural texts to help students appropriately render a culture-specific lexicon. The present study makes use of an experimental research design to check whether the use of literary texts may help EFL learners enhance their culture-specific translation skills in a traditional instruction setting. Finally, its findings indicate that the use of culture-laden literary texts can be efficient in introducing the culturally loaded lexicon of the English language, thereby inducing improvements in translational writing skills of EFL learners of translation.

Bio Note

Mohamed Amin Mekheimer is Assistant professor of Applied Linguistics (TESOL-TEFL education) at the College of Languages & Translation, English Department, King Khalid University. His major academic interests include computer-assisted language instruction research and practice, teaching, researching, and practicing translation, writing research, and researching culture in language teaching and learning. He translated 17 books in different disciplines of knowledge to several publishers and bodies, e.g., UNESCO, World Bank, and University Book House.

Hamad Shabieb Aldosari is Associate professor of Applied Linguistics (Discourse analysis) and Chairman of the English Department, College of Languages & Translation, King Khalid University, Abha. His major teaching interests are reading and international language tests. His research interests include the investigation of the relationship between culture and language learning, and e-learning in relation to learning and teaching effects, motivational and attitudinal effects.

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