María Zambrano’s philosophy and José Ángel Valente’s poetics share a common language: silence. For both, silence emerges as the central locus of the paradox of the knowledge of the unknown. This article aims both at pointing out the gnostic function of silence as stated in their own writings as well as at establishing the connections between the endless ontological possibilities of Logos and silence.

“Para venir a lo que no sabes has de ir por donde no sabes”

[For one to arrive in the place of the unknown, one has to go through what one doesn't know]

San Juan de la Cruz

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Marta del Pozo (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) is completing her Doctoral Dissertation, Reenchanting the Image, Science and the World: A New Posthumanist Poetics from Spain. Her book of poems, La memoria del pez,received an Accesit for Best Young Poet in 2008. Together with Nick Rattner, she has translated into English Yván Yauri’s Viento de Fuego / Fire Wind (2011), and published by Ugly Duckling Press, New York, NY.

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