Online language teaching has become a popular alternative to classroom learning (Liu et al; Warschauer and Meskill). This led to research comparing the two learning environments (Young). Regardless of the learning environment, in order to be effective, the second language classroom must be designed to lead learners to acquisition. Studies suggest that collaborative tasks that push learners to negotiate meaning lead to acquisition (Leeser; Loewen and Erlam; Mackey and Philp; Stafford, Bowden, Sanz). Participants in this study were in two environments; a second language classroom in the typical in person classroom format, and a language learning course in an online platform. Both the classroom and online environments were recorded and the amount of conversational interaction was coded and measured. The data suggest both classrooms and online platforms contain input and interaction necessary for acquisition to occur.

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Dr. Andrew DeMil is a professor in the Department of Languages and Linguistics, College of Arts and Letters at the University of Tampa.

Rachel Kozikowski is a graduate of the University of Tampa, class of 2020.

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