“Mujeres al rescate de figuras femeninas mitificadas: Malinalli, Claire y Catalina de los Ríos y Lisperguer,” focuses on three novels that emphasize the act of rewriting the past by means of techniques such as the use of polyphony, the focus on intrahistory, and the act of narrating from the margins of society. In these novels "Maldita yo entre las mujeres" (1991), by Mercedes Valdivieso; "Malinche" (2005), by Laura Esquivel; and "Duerme" (1994), by Carmen Boullosa--, the marginal voice is created through the point of contact between history and fiction. The texts present a reading of history based on the conflicts of today, subvert the canon, and narrate the past from the perspective of the Other. They also exploit traditional views of content and form in order to deconstruct binary oppositions such as: Center/Periphery, History/Intrahistory, Reality/Fiction, Man/Woman, Self/Other. Each novel in this study presents a new reading of the colonial era and focuses on rescuing female characters such as Malinalli, Claire and Catalina de los Ríos y Lisperguer by subverting the negative image that has been portrayed about them throughout history.

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Giada Biasetti is Assistant Professor of Spanish in the Department of English and Foreign Languages at Augusta University. Her teaching interests include Spanish language, literature, and culture as well as translation and interpretation. One of her main areas of research interests is 20th century Latin American literature and culture. More specifically, her research focuses on novels, or other forms of literary work, that attempt to deconstruct or erase boundaries between pre-established and mutually exclusive binary oppositions.

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