University Professor, University Pre-Service Teacher and Practicing Teacher: An Integrative Collaboration to Bring STEM and Literacy to English Language Learners

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Presentation given at the Georgia Educational Research Association (GERA).

This presentation will share qualitative research findings of a three year science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) Camp for English Language Learners (ELL) in Central America. There were 3 foci for the camp: STEM and literacy integration, experiential learning and nutritional meals. This presentation will explain the structure of an integrative bilingual curriculum that addressed the STEM and literacy focus that results in the experiential learning.

Findings will be presented from the perspectives of three members of the project: professor, university pre-service student and a high school Spanish teacher. Preliminary data that substantiates the projects structure will be presented. The university pre-service student will share her experience and contribution to the curriculum integration that reflects her TESOL and university classes. Finally, the Georgia high school Spanish teacher will share her experiences in preparing content and teaching math to English language learners.

The research question for this study is: what are the experiences and perspectives of researcher, university pre-service teacher and a Spanish teacher in developing a STEM and Literacy Program for English Language Learners? From these voices we learn strategies to support ELL in math and science.


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Georgia Educational Research Association Conference (GERA)


Statesboro, GA