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UNESCO 2030 (UNESCO, 2015) sustainable development goal 4 highlights the need for inclusive educational practices in order to dismantle the present exclusionary practices in education. These goals are designed to ensure that by 2030, benchmarks are met requiring all children with diverse socio- economic, race and gender backgrounds receive an equitable and quality education. To meet the needs for inclusive educational practices two areas in education are under consideration: teacher training and curriculum development and implementation. This presentation will highlight the work by two professors working with their students to promote an inclusive social justice education and curricula framework.

Specifically, the presenters will share their experience of empowering their pre-service and in-service teachers to develop their abilities to conceptualize the principles of culturally relevant/responsive/sustaining curriculum and pedagogy and critically evaluate, develop, and implement such principles in teaching, learning, assessment and evaluation practices in schools


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Georgia Educational Research Association Conference (GERA)


Statesboro, GA