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Southern Evolution: Science, Religion, and Culture in the Deep South

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The United States faces an unusual problem in science education where the unifying theory in the sciences, evolution, is shrouded in controversy among the public and in the classroom. As a result, the teaching and learning of evolution has been described as “the greatest failure of science education in the 21st century”. The phenomenon is highly visible in the South, where culture, beliefs, and science intersect in politics, classrooms, and at the dinner table. Research in evolution education in the region provides a vibrant lens through which to view how we approach controversial topics in the classroom and in our communities. Dr. Glaze addresses evolution education in the South and across the country, explores our understandings of the public controversy, and discusses ways of communicating science in and out of the classroom to support science literacy for all.


Dr. Glaze is an Asst. Professor of Science Education, Middle Grades & Secondary Education in the College of Education, Georgia Southern University.

This lecture was hosted and broadcast by community radio station WRUU Savannah 107.5 (wruu.org) during Spring 2021.

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