Director: Robert Mayes

The Institute for Interdisciplinary STEM Education (i²STEMe) aims to establish collaborative interdisciplinary programs committed to excellence in K-20 STEM teaching and learning, with a focus on rural, diverse, low SES, and under-represented populations.

We want to expand and capatilize on Georgia Southern’s excellent track record for graduating minority students in STEM areas. To this end, the i²STEMe will strive to create broadly inclusive partnerships across academia, business, education, and research centers in Southeast Georgia, support professional development, outreach, curricular development, innovative courses, and research in STEM education through grant funded projects, and establish interdisciplinary STEM education master’s and Ph.D. programs.

The Institute will address problems indigenous to the rural environments of the region, including issues of cultural diversity and cultural relevance within our diverse population, matters of equitable access to STEM for low SES students, and concerns about the relevance of STEM for rural students.

Long-term goals of the Institute are to establish partnerships across Georgia, the southeastern region of the United States, nationally, and even internationally to address issues of STEM education in rural areas.


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