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Three members of the Open University's Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning present details of

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Innovation does not need to re-invent pedagogy. Quite often we just need to embrace new technologies and use them to best effect when supporting students. The Open University’s Centres of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETLs) aim to share experiences of tactics and strategies for encouraging and disseminating excellence to a very large and diverse community.

The aim of this panel session is for three current Teaching Fellows (also experienced teaching practitioners) from one of the CETLs to present details of their inquiry into the use of emerging technologies. The session will discuss student interactions in the following areas:

Inquiry into the use of email and social bookmarking tools to develop communities of practice which suggests that the social aspects on online behaviour may not be as controllable as we would like. Interesting ideas for further study will be discussed.

Examples will be given of how online technologies can be harvested to create effective, and reusable learning materials. Learning objects are widely available on the Internet but there are some pedagogical issues that are limiting their use. These problems have been studied and some solutions tested. One reported here is the use of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) to create objects that are completely editable by the tutor.

Tablet PCs have been used to provide assessment feedback to distance learners on their original scripts in much the same way as traditional handwritten comments. Students said that they like the personal feel of the electronic feedback. Reflective practice for teachers was supported through forums and a wiki. Teachers record a flow experience in assessment as either enabling or disabling their creativity in assessment.

Reflection is not just the process used to review one’s own learning. The role of the teacher can also be compared to that of a mirror – to reflect back along the learning pathway and appreciate the journey. Using the medium of the Web in the form of wikis, blogs, podcasts and other means enables this reflective practice in a more creative and innovative way.

The presenters are seeking to disseminate their experience and enthusiasm for using technology to support existing pedagogy without having to re-invent the wheel. The audience will be invited to, collaboratively and interactively, contribute to a learning resource, to provide their own feedback and reflect upon the short journey they have just experienced.


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Making the Technology Fit the Pedagogy

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Three members of the Open University's Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning present details of