Post Conference Assessment Data and Comments


Post-Conference Assessement Data

Numerical data based on: 5 (Excellent), 4 (Very Good), 3 (Good), 2 (Fair), 1 (Poor)

  1. The conference helped participants share knowledge -- 4.49
  2. I made new contacts and opportunities for collaboration -- 3.95
  3. Conference as a professional development experience -- 4.33
  4. I experienced how SoTL can improve teaching and learning -- 4.25
  5. Concurrent sessions' topics were important and relevant -- 4.14
  6. Conference encouraged me to begin/continue doing SoTL -- 4.34
  7. Quality of the concurrent sessions -- 4.06
  8. Quality of the keynote and featured addresses -- 4.26
  9. Abstract submission & review process (if applicable) -- 4.49
  10. Conference web site -- 4.46
  11. Online registration process -- 4.35
  12. Conference program booklet -- 4.59
  13. Conference facility -- 4.48
  14. On-site organization of the conference -- 4.41
  15. Quality of food & refreshments -- 4.02
  16. Hospitality at the conference -- 4.46
  17. Overall evaluation of the conference -- 4.28
  18. Do you plan on attending the 2nd SoTL Commons Conference on March 11-13, 2009?
  • Yes - 55
  • No - 5
  • Undecided -- 31

Post Conference Assessment Comments

It was a very productive, well organized and a great conference. I am highly satisfied and greatly benefited attending it. Many thanks for the conference. Looking forward to attending the coming one in 2009.

It was a great conference, one of the best ones I have attended.

The conference was exceptionally well organized… Your publicized international conference was indeed international. Very well done!

Thank you very much for your… warm hospitality at the SoTL Commons Conference this past week. We enjoyed the conference and came away with a lot of great ideas that we will be processing for a good long while! Again, congratulations on a highly successful conference!

It was exciting to meet so many new people involved in scholarship of teaching and learning initiatives. The sessions I went to were all interesting, well-prepared, and well done. I came away with several important new contacts---people to keep in touch with, possible future collaborators in one or another project, etc. That's what the best conferences provide.

It was a great conference. I felt as thought I was reinvigorated.

I was very impressed by how well-organized your first conference went. It is a great learning experience for me as an administrator and an educator.

Thanks for hosting all of us to a meaningful conference on SoTL. One of my key learnings is this: I came away realizing how much there is to know and how I have just begun to nibble around the edges of the SoTL process. I, for one, appreciate these opportunities at the Commons.

I took a lot away from the conference, and it was certainly an invaluable experience.

Thanks very much for planning and implementing a great conference! I hope to attend the next one.

A fantastic experience for everyone. I really enjoyed presenting, attending, and connecting at the conference.

I really enjoyed the conference. It was one of the better organized ones I have attended, and it was a very pleasant atmosphere.

I would keep it all as is. I liked that presenters seemed to have been encouraged to discuss their ideas/practices rather than read papers (which really is a waste of face-to-face time!). I was impressed that each session I attended gave plenty of time to questions from the audience.

The conference went great. One of the best conferences I have ever gone.

The organization was very very good. I will attend and will encourage colleagues to attend.

Great conference. I met a colleague and we are both so enthused that we have agreed to stay in touch and submit a proposal for 2009.

A fantastic job! I am excited to attend the next conference and will be sure to spread the word.

I think this was a great first conference to build on for the next one!

I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of this conference. I will definitely come again and encourage my colleagues to come as well!

Wonderful job overall I really appreciate the thought and effort that went into this. This conference has really helped me recharge my batteries when it comes to the idea of SoTL! Thanks!

Excellent conference! I've not stopped talking about it to my colleagues. I'm hoping some of them will join me next time.

Overall I got a lot more out of the conference then I was expecting.

Superb conference! I will attend in 2009 and will suggest this conference to colleagues! Thank you for preparing and hosting such a wonderful conference!



Post Conference Assessment Data and Comments