Service-Learning and the Attainment of Course Objectives: A Study in Two Disciplines

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Two professors from different disciplines, education and gerontology, implemented a service-learning option into their courses. A study, using both qualitative and quantitative means, measured differences in the attainment of course objectives between students engaged in service- learning and those who were not for each of the courses. Results indicate that students engaged in service-learning did as well or better than other students. The similarities and differences between each of the courses relative to the implementation process, overall results and changes made in course design will be shared. The challenges and successes of such research collaboration will also be presented, along with areas for future research. Participants will be involved in a discussion of service-learning in the context of their course design and how to create opportunities for service-learning in their courses. Handouts are available with pertinent service-learning information and recommended resources.


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Commons Annual Conference (SoTL)


Savannah, GA