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Early Side-Notched Traditions in the Ocmulgee River Drainage

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This presentation was given at the 72nd Annual Southeastern Archaeological Conference.

The Feronia Site Complex, situated along the terrace and floodplain of the Ocmulgee River in Georgia, has produced high frequencies of hafted tools. In general, side-notched artifacts from the Ocmulgee River drainage system display a degree of formal variation not evidenced in neighboring regions. This paper details the variation in suites of artifacts from three of the Feronia sites (9CF22, 9CF124, and 9CF132) recorded during salvage investigations performed by Frankie Snow of South Georgia College. Revisiting additional collections of side-notched artifacts from Coffee County at large allows for a comparative view of localized settlement patterns at the PleistoceneHolocene transition.


72nd Annual Southeastern Archaeological Conference


Nashville, Tennessee

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