A Journey of Service-Learning: Three Different Professional Lenses [Praxeological Learning: Social Justice and Social Capital]

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Proceedings of the EECERA Annual Conference


This autobiographical case study chronicles how I, a former elementary music specialist, was propelled by the methodology of service-learning into a journey of rewarding experiences--from practitioner to researcher to professor. Previous research includes: (a) Through my practitioner's lens, I reveal my initial project birthed with third grade music students to help meet the needs of ten young special education students with profound intellectual and physical disabilities (Arrington, 2008). Outcomes included increased socialization with the students with disabilities, and increased responsibility with third graders. (b) With my researcher's lens, my account demonstrates my interest in 'so what?' as I conducted action research to measure self-efficacy for selfregulated learning in third graders in an intergenerational service-learning project (Arrington, 2015), and (c) Via my professor's lens, I reveal how a service-learning option with pre-service teachers increased their self-efficacy for teaching young children. (Arrington, 2014, Arrington & Cohen, 2015). Effects of participating in servicelearning experiences on self-efficacy (Bandura, 1994). This is an autobiographical case study highlighting results of several service-learning experiences. IRB approval was obtained, participant/parental forms were collected and saved in locked files, and pseudonyms were used in publication. Positive results from implementing servicelearning experiences in elementary classrooms lead one to conclude that introducing service-learning in teacher education courses will provide a foundation for implementing this methodology in the candidates' future classrooms. As I impart these stories through three different lenses ‘Practitioner, Researcher, and Professor’ I share challenges faced, and include directions to assist others embarking on similar journeys, including e-service learning in online courses.