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Regular Session

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Strand 8: Family Child Care Track

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Adult Learners

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Family Child Care

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As we think about the most effective strategies to promote the overall well-being and happiness of children, we don’t always appreciate the need to focus on our own well-being, the health of our colleagues and organizations, and even the strengths of our communities. There is, however, plenty of research that directs us to do just that - to focus on the child within the context of the child’s family, school and community. This presentation will introduce the concept of the resilience cascade: how strong communities that collaborate can influence the health of organizations and staff, and how healthy adults can support the resilience of children. By gaining a stronger understanding of these important connections, participants will gain an appreciation for looking outside the box for strategies to support children. Participants will feel validated that taking care of themselves is not “selfish” or “self-serving,” but directly connected to the well-being of those in their care. Participants will also feel empowered to take a holistic, “big picture” view of resilience, leaving them with a new perspective on how to best support children and families.

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23-1-2021 8:45 AM

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23-1-2021 9:45 AM


Jan 23rd, 8:45 AM Jan 23rd, 9:45 AM

The Resilience Cascade: Supporting Children, Families, Organizations and Communities

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