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Diana Brannon, Elmhurst University

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Regular Session

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Strand 3: Intentional Teaching Strategies

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Adult Learners

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Family Child Care

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Learn how to get parents involved and reading! Move beyond just telling parents to read with their children to encouraging them to talk with their children about the book being shared. Dialogic shared reading is a powerful strategy that encourages parents to spend time talking with their children about books to improve vocabulary skills, increase language, encourage an interest in reading, and build emergent literacy skills. This presentation will discuss how to teach parents how to choose books to share with their children, how and why to ask questions while reading, and other ways parents and caregivers can help develop their child’s language and beginning reading skills. Extensive examples and resources will be shared.

Start Date

23-1-2021 11:00 AM

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23-1-2021 11:45 AM


Jan 23rd, 11:00 AM Jan 23rd, 11:45 AM

Teaching Parents to Talk About Books

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